Lou Dobbs calls e-voting companies "a threat to our democracy"

CNN’s Lou Dobbs Says Private Voting Machine Companies a ‘Threat to Our Democracy’
Slams Foreign Ownership of Sequoia Voting Systems, Private Ownership, ‘Trade Secret’ Privileges of ALL Such Companies!
ALSO: CNN’s Jack Cafferty Asks, ‘Do you trust the honesty of America’s election process?’

Add to the two reports mentioned above, Dobbs will revisit the issue again tonight Election Integrity advocate Warren Stewart and computer science professor Avi Rubin!


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This development is encouraging. I was underwhelmed at the lack of amplification, and the degree of negativity that RFK Jr’s Rolling Stone expose was met with in the Blogosphere. But to have Dobbs and Cafferty, who have been getting increasingly concerned (Dobbs particularly on Global Warming, and Cafferty on the Bill of Rights), sound the alarm on CNN is a significant turn of events.
Richard Power

The blogosphere needs to get real and quit trying to pander to the mainstream media for attention, fame, and glory (and the possiblity of a little bit of money).

Until the A-list bloggers actually writing about things that are important, such as this, they are for the most part worthless.

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