Kudos to Bob Herbert


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From Jonathan Simon:

Re: “Those Pesky Voters”

Dear Bob–

Thank you for wading in where no one in the MSM has dared to tread. Robert Kennedy’s work certainly deserves resonance and debate, and there has been virtually none.

Those few among even the activist community who perceive a deadly assault upon our democracy–not only via disenfranchisement but also from covert computerized vote theft (it is, the computer experts assure us, trivially easy to do and, in the absence of effective check mechanisms, virtually impossible to detect; why would the Roves and Blackwells of the world draw the line at disenfranchisement, when they also wield this far more potent and less detectable weapon?)–also realize how treacherous this potentially explosive and destabilizing issue is for journalists.

We hope that your courage will inspire others and that the journalistic inquiry will now expand beyond the more visible abominations practiced in Ohio, to the wholesale theft taking place out of public view on the memory cards of Diebold and ES&S DREs and central tabulators. The recent Bilbray “victory” in CA-50 (as usual, a “surprising” rightward shift from pre-election polling numbers and trend), in which these same machines were taken home and “stored” by unidentified poll workers, would be a great place to start, because it is a likely model for the 50 or so competitive races we will see in November.

Effective check mechanisms could be put in place, certainly by 2008. But it will not come from Congress, where the ruling majority (and even the entrenched incumbent minority) will simply not kill the goose that lays their golden eggs, though they may make a show of firing a few shots over its head. It will come, if at all, from state and local efforts, and it will take a critical mass of popular demand. And it must come very soon; the regime’s chokehold is tightening week by week. The involvement and support of respected journalists, and an overcoming of the “it could never happen here” narcolepsy, may just make it possible to restore democracy to America.

Thank you again and best wishes,

Jonathan Simon
Co-Founder, Election Defense Alliance (

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