It's slime time

Brace yourselves for a hysterical attack on Bobby Kennedy Jr. for his piece in Rolling Stone. The issue isn’t even out yet, and yet the ditto-heads are on the job already. Here’s a comment from Anonymous, which came in late last night.
At 12:46 AM, Anonymous said:

Oh, whoop-de-doo. A magazine that reviews crappy music and still thinks it’s cool to get stoned and have sex with anything that moves. And the article is written by a guy named “hic” Kennedy. That’s it, folks. Rolling Stone is finished.

That’s it, folks. The Busheviks have an immense new problem on their hands. So let’s all hang together (because they’d like nothing better than to hang us separately). All hail RFK, Jr.–and speak up on his behalf!

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I just saw Kennedy on “The Situation”. Tucker Carlson blew him out of the water – and I thought he went easy on him. This piece in Rolling Stone will be ripped to shreds.

Rightwing bloggers are now touting the American Center for Voting Rights as a source to refute RFK (and your) findings, and instead claim that Democrats are the ones who tampered with elections.

BradBlog has kept a great log on them since the get-go and, yes, they are a GOP backed group (“non-partisan,” my ass):

Key articles on ACVR

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