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Bob Parry is a great reporter, of the kind that’s sorely missing from the MSM. We need him–so please donate right now, to keep ConsortiumNews alive.

Subject: Breaking my heart – Robert Parry needs our help!

Please read this. Parry is so right.
It’s the MEDIA, stupid.

And until we get that, we’re doomed to be forever outshouted by the rightwing megaphone. I hope any of you who have any faith left in this country scrape up what little you can, or as much as you can, and send some money to this courageous, honest journalist. Of course, we need more than a short term fix. We need to build a left-wing media empire to rival the right’s. I honestly fear we’re in for a fascist police state in the very near future if we don’t take back the airwaves.

Please help Robert Parry. He’s stood nearly alone among his mainstream colleagues in calling a spade a spade, and calling a President a liar when the shoe fits. If we can’t help this one man, how can we ever turn the Titanic around???

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Five Days Left

By Robert Parry
June 16, 2006

Some e-mailers and friends have asked why I didn’t attend some of the recent progressive conferences – like “Take Back America” or the “Yearly Kos Convention” – where media was on the agenda. The short answer is that I have been to progressive meetings in the past where media was discussed – and almost nothing gets done.

As the Right has built up a vertically integrated media infrastructure that stretches from newspapers, magazines and books to talk radio, cable news and well-funded Internet sites, wealthy liberals mostly have sat on their hands. Even now, as the Right expands that infrastructure horizontally down to state, district and local levels – with ominous portents for Election 2006 – well-heeled liberals remain mostly passive.

And this pattern has been going on for years.

In the 1990s – after I left Newsweek over internal battles about what I viewed as the magazine’s mis-reporting of the Iran-Contra Affair – I talked to executives of leading liberal foundations about the desperate need for building honest media in America. I often got bemused looks. One foundation bureaucrat laughed and announced, “Oh, we don’t do media.” Another liberal foundation actually banned media-related proposals.

It’s as if American liberals and possibly some tribe in Borneo are the only groups on earth who don’t understand the transformational power of media. Even in the Middle East, generally considered backward on the development of modern media, people have gotten the media idea. Al-Jazeera satellite news network changed the frame of debate in the region by showing news from an intensely Arab perspective.

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