Guantanamo inmates "can't be trusted" not to kill themselves

Reporter On ‘Suicide Watch’ at Gitmo

Michael Gordon of the Charlotte Observer was the only American reporter at the Guantanamo prison facility this week when three detainees killed themselves. Now he is sending back dispatches on the U.S. response. The prison commander complains that he can’t trust the inmates “any farther than we can throw them.”

By Greg Mitchell

(June 13, 2006) — Michael Gordon of the Charlotte Observer was the first U.S. reporter to arrive at the Guantanamo prison camp just after three prisoners at the controversial facility committed suicide on Saturday. Since then he has filed some remarkable dispatches, culminating in the latest on Tuesday, in which the U.S. commander of the camp, Col. Mike Bumgarner, angrily declared that all the prisoners had proven to be untrustworthy.

They can’t be trusted — to not kill themselves, that is.

Now Gordon is at the center of a media storm, denied further access to the prison, as two of his colleagues, from the Miami Herald and Los Angeles Times, were ordered off the island by the Pentagon. A Pentagon press officer told E&P that Gordon’s Tuesday article, described below, “caused controversy” and that he should have the good manners to leave now, since he’s had enough time to research his “hometowner.” Gordon may have decided to leave on Wednesday with the other journalists.

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Policy suggestion: upon entry to Gitmo… all inmates will recieve 10-feet of sturdy nylon cord.

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