Farhad Manjoo responds!


Since you posted the Fitrakis piece, I hope you’ll point out on your blog that Kennedy makes the same error that Bob alleges I made in my piece. Fitrakis says: “Manjoo actually, in a major error, refers to Damschroder, as the Chair of the Election Board. Manjoo incorrectly cites both Anthony and Damschroder as chairs of the Franklin County Board of Elections. Under Ohio law, there’s only one Chair and Damschroder has never been chair. I’m surprised that Manjoo would make an error of this magnitude.”

Kennedy, on page three of his article, says: On Election Day, the county experienced an unprecedented turnout that could only be compared to a 500-year flood,” says Matt Damschroder,(144) chairman of the Franklin County Board of Elections and the former head of the Republican Party in Columbus.


  1. Scott

    June 5, 2006 at 9:35 pm

    That’s the only response he has?

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