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Here’s a good request from Stephanie Low. If I may add my own two cents, I would not recommend that we ask him to back HR550, as that will be no panacea and could even make things worse. Rather than urge him to back this or that piece of legislation, I think it owuld be more productive just to ask him to stick with the subject of election fraud/reform. He should have RFK Jr. on, and also keep on covering the snafus nationwide.
The only way for us to win this thing is to become a true mass movement; and we can’t do that until we get the word out to the people overall. Once they get the word, they’ll join the movement; and once they’ve joined the movement, it will ultimately win.
From Stephanie Low:
I just sent an email to the Lou Dobbs show thanking him for his coverage last Friday of the Chicago primary security breach, and asking if he supports Holt’s bill, the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act, as an antidote to similar scenarios in the future.

I want to keep this topic going. Would you send an email referring to the topic?


Here’s the link for the email:

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Why cain’t these super smart talking heads grasp the reality of the democrats gas bubble. They have no desire to try and get along. It is and will always be their way or the highway or as our soon to be foirmer president said, move to the back of the bus. They need to get out of the way and we need to stop giving them hope by trying to understand their venom. Forget about um.

What’s the difference of Flynn lieing to FBI, when FBI lieing to the public what a shame,I hope the Pres. Trump cleans house

Saying that we need to import foreign born criminals is an insult to American criminals. If there is one thing America has always been able to provide enough of, it’s native born criminals. Saying we need to import foreign born criminals is like saying we need to import oranges to California and Florida, potato’s to Idaho and maple syrup to Vermont. And breaking up families is a good idea when the families are criminal enterprises. Don’t we all wish we had broken up that world famous family the Mafia. And by the way from Mexico to the tip of South America is a Shit hole.

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