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Also, an important gathering in Dutchess County, NY, this Monday evening.

From Vicky Perry:

NEW! this page has a list of DRE problems just from this year’s primaries so far. Any bets that November elections are far worse?
Monday June 12, at 6PM, and/or at 8:30PM
Important Action to Save the Vote in Dutchess
What: press conference and speak out at the board meeting
Why: the County resolution for reliable scanned ballot voting was pulled of the agenda again – that makes three times. (I believe we have enough votes to pass it, should it ever get voted on.)When: Monday June 12, at 6PM, and/or at 8:30PMWhere: at the County office building (22 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, NY)Who: the powerful Minority leader, assistant minority leader, and many county legislators will be speaking out. Won’t you add your voice?
How: First, we will gather for a press conference at 6 pm. Second, we can speak out at the open mic at the end of the Board meeting (this may be late, between 8:30-9PM)

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