Californians SAY NO to San Diego race

California Election Protection Network
PO Box 1907
Mill Valley, CA 94942

June 28, 2006

Mikel Haas, Registrar of Voters
San Diego County
5201 Ruffin Road, Suite I
San Diego, CA. 92123

Dear Mr. Haas:

The California Election Protection Network, a nonpartisan coalition of more than 25 election integrity organizations throughout California, hereby declares the reported results of the June 6, 2006 primary and runoff elections in San Diego County to be illegitimate. Our reasons are set forth in the accompanying resolution.

As the Registrar of Voters of San Diego County you have been entrusted with one of democracy’s most precious resources: our elections. As an employee of the people of California you are personally responsible to fulfill your duties in a way that preserves and protects the sanctity of our elections. Elections provide the only means by which the “Consent of the Governed” can be determined. As the Declaration of Independence states, it is this consent from which the “just Power” of the government is derived. If the consent of the governed cannot be duly determined, the government’s power is rendered unjust and must be rejected.

We realize that your task has recently been significantly complicated by the new federal mandates of the so-called Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and actions taken by the State of California in response to those mandates. We understand that counties have been put in the untenable position of being required to conduct fair elections through the use of technology that renders fairness unachievable. Yet this conundrum cannot be rightfully resolved by compromising the integrity of the election process.

As outlined in our resolution, the conditions of the primary and runoff elections conducted in San Diego County on June 6, 2006 provide no basis for public confidence in the results and therefore cannot and will not be accepted until and unless all ballots and paper audit trails have been counted by hand in a transparent and verified manner. We, the CEPN, call upon you, the Registrar of Voters of San Diego County, to undertake a full hand count of all paper ballots cast and audit trails produced in the June 6 election. We also insist that you prove that the chain of custody of the voted paper ballots and paper audit trails was and has remained secure at every moment. Furthermore, we call upon you and Secretary of State McPherson to invalidate all reported results of the June 6 election until the outcome of each race can be verified through a hand count of all legally cast votes. This will not be a recount paid for by the voters but the real count our tax dollars have already paid for but that We the People have yet to receive.

We want to clarify that this challenge is made not because of the results of any race on the June 6 ballot but in response to the unacceptable conditions of the election. When the hand count is undertaken we will serve as observers to verify its completeness and accuracy. Please inform us of the time, place and anticipated duration of the hand count so that we may observe. We will gladly assist in recruitment of hand counters as well.

We recognize that our call leads to significant work on the part of your office. We certainly hope that in the future the sanctity of our elections will lead you as well as State and Federal officials to conduct elections in a manner in which accurate, verifiable results are produced by the initial counting of the votes. Such a result cannot be obtained through the use of electronic voting or vote counting machines running secret proprietary software.

In closing, We, The People, DO NOT CONSENT to transferring power and authority to candidates claiming victory in this illegitimate election. We will do everything within our Constitutional and human rights to protect and preserve possession of this power that is inalienably ours to be given but never taken away.

Thank you for your time.


Ted Newman
for the California Election Protection Network


CEPN’s Voters’ Resolution of No Confidence

cc: Bruce McPherson, Secretary of State
Bill Lockyer, Attorney General
San Diego Union-Tribune

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