Brennan Center report sweeping US media!

NYU’s Brennan Center has released a (pardon my French!) kick-ass study of the dangerous insecurity of e-voting systems. It is an excellent piece of work– and it has legs!
From Kathy Dopp:
The three major U.S. voting systems that the Brennan Center task force report discusses are:

1. DRE voting systems (touchscreens without paper),

2. DRE voting systems with VVPT (voter verifiable paper trail), and

3. Precinct-based Optical Scan voting systems

The Brennan Center Press Release has now been reported in dozens of major nationwide and international news articles. State newspapers in places like Utah have yet to inform their citizens with the exception of Ohio, Massachusettes, and Washington DC. Even the highly conservative Washington Times reported on the security threat to U.S. voting systems. Here is the list of newspapers which have now reported on this with links to all these articles available here:


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As reported in Germany’s “Short News”:

The task force also said that a paper trail is ineffective if routine audits through random checks are not performed. Other recommendations included banning wireless technology and checking random machines the same day they are used.

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