Brad Friedman on Lou Dobbs tonight!

I’m in San Diego for last night’s Busby/Bilbray events, but was just called from CNN to rush back up to LA to be interviewed for this evening’s Lou Dobbs show. Presuming I make it back on time, I should be on tonight, and possibly tomorrow night as well (6pm ET, 3pm PT).

I’ll also be on Mike Malloy’s Air America program, guest hosted by Laura Flanders tonight at 10:45pm ET (7:45pm PT).

Hope to get folks caught up on the latest Busby/Bilbray stuff as soon as I can catch my breath! In the meantime, speaking of Dobbs, his show on Tuesday was fantastic. See below… – Brad

Lou Dobbs on E-Voting Security: ‘Elections Can be Outright Stolen and No One Would Ever Know It’s Incredible’
CNN Notices That Wireless Personal Digital Assistants Could Wreak Havoc on Voting MachinesÅ 

And Lou is really getting angry about all of this!…

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Mike Malloy, huh? He once said on the air that the founder of the Blogs For Bush website should get the crap kicked out of him. Peace, love, and flowers, boys and girls.

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