Bob Herbert cracks the Iron Curtain!

This is major….

June 12, 2006
Op-Ed Columnist
Those Pesky Voters

I remember fielding telephone calls on Election Day 2004 from friends and colleagues anxious to talk about the exit polls, which seemed to show that John Kerry was beating George W. Bush and would be the next president.

As the afternoon faded into evening, reports started coming in that the Bush camp was dispirited, maybe even despondent, and that the Kerry crowd was set to celebrate. (In an article in the current issue of Rolling Stone, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes, “In London, Prime Minister Tony Blair went to bed contemplating his relationship with President-elect Kerry.”)

I was skeptical.

The election was bound to be close, and I knew that Kerry couldn’t win Florida. I had been monitoring the efforts to suppress Democratic votes there and had reported on the thuggish practice (by the Jeb Bush administration) of sending armed state police officers into the homes of elderly black voters in Orlando to “investigate” allegations of voter fraud.

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I’m not subscribing to the New York Times in order to read Herbert’s editorial. And Herbert should remember how Paul Krugman’s “election fraud” article was debunked so thoroughly that Krugman had to do some serious backpedaling.


I have no idea what Krugman did or did not write but there definitely was suppresion of the vote and who knows what else. Just because you don’t want to know about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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