Bo Lipari on the e-voting battle

There’s a lot going on as the struggle for verifiable elections heats up in
New York State and around the nation. At the national level, the mainstream
media is finally starting to cover the dangers of electronic voting. In NY,
as voting machine vendors make a full court press to lock in hundreds of
millions of taxpayer dollars, the timeline for certification and selection
of voting systems still remains unclear.

One thing is certain, right now voting machine vendors are out there in
force trying to sell New York electronic voting machines which are still
prototypes, cost $8000 or more each, and have never, ever, been used in a
real election. With 2 or 3 DREs likely to be required to replace a single
lever machine the purchase cost for counties will be astronomical. And who
will provide all the additional money to buy these expensive, vulnerable
systems? We taxpayers of course.

Democracy needs your help this summer. Take a look below to see how you can
help in the fight for election integrity.

Bo Lipari
New Yorkers for Verified Voting

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