Bill Clinton's full remarks on RFK Jr.'s article

Here’s the longer version of Clinton’s remarks:

Q. [to Clinton] Talking about elections, Robert Kennedy Jr. just wrote an article in Rolling Stone claiming the Bush Administration stole the last election. Do you think it was, and how can we guard against something like that going on in the future?

WJC: I must say I read Robert Kennedy’s article in Rolling Stone, and I think all of you should if you haven’t. And before I read it, I was convinced that President Bush had won Ohio… I… I thought it would have been ironic if he had lost the election in the electoral college and won the popular vote–that is, if he went out the same way he came in. ButÅ  but I think thatÅ  I think that — two things. I think there is no question that Al Gore would have won Florida if all the votes had been counted and the people who intended to vote for him had their votes counted.

Between the people whose votes were thrown out for erroneous double voting instructions in Jacksonville, and the 3400 Jewish Democrats who voted for Pat Buchanan in the butterfly ballot, and several others, there’s no question that several thousand more people in Florida intended to vote for Gore and showed up on Election Day. And I still believe that the two Bush v. Gore decisions will go down as one of the four or five worst decisions in the history of the United States Supreme Court. I think it was a disgrace. And I think ifÅ  if Gore had been ahead and Bush had been behind, the Supreme Court would have voted nine to nothing to count all the votes by uniform standard. That’s what I think would have happened. You may not agree but that’s what I… I used to teach that course, Constitutional Law. That’s what I think.

In this case, I think… You know, I don’t have an opinion, but I thought Robert Kennedy made a very persuasive case, and what was clear is that the Secretary of State, now their candidate for governor, was a world-class expert in voter suppression, and that he was doing everything he could to keep voters that he thought were Democrats from voting–in every way that he could. And I think that is wrong. And I hope that the voters of Ohio will repudiate it. I mean, you know, we ought to be in the business of getting more people to vote, not fewer.

We don’t have as many people–heck, they had 70 percent of the voters voted in Iraq in the last election, they had a better voter turnout than we did, and a bunch of them were risking their lives. So I don’t think we ought to be ratifying the public service of anybody who thinks it’s his job to keep people from voting and that’s [applause]… but I don’t have an opinion because I didn’t know anything about it ’til I read Robert Kennedy’s article. But he sure as heck raised a–he made a compelling case, those numbers that he said in some of those precincts, the probability of the vote total being that much at variance with the exit polls was one in 600,000.

And it happened over and over and over again. So if you haven’t read the article, I urge you to read it and when you go back home I urge you to look at… you know, again this is without regard to party, I just don’t think we ought to be suppressing voters. We ought to be getting them to the polls and letting them vote and letting them have their say.

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The Rolling Stone article was the
first he’s read the Ohio vote was raped and pillaged by the Republican Election Rapists? Is he kidding?
This is truly disgusting. The fine work done by Congressman John Conyers in the CONYERS REPORT never even caught Clinton’s attention? Mark Crispin Miller’s fine works exposing election theft in Ohio, and an even greater plague of election debauchery nationwide, has never caught the attention of the one time leader of the Democratic Party?
Is there any wonder why we lose elections by having them stolen out from under us by Republican Goons? The answer is clear: Our Dem leaders just don’t pay attention. They, as in the case of John Kerry, would rather meekly accept defeat and hold on to what they have than raise hell about an election process perverted by their political opponents.

This is a remarkable statement by President Clinton. He goes right up to the edge of saying Ohio was stolen. He’s crystal clear in his endorsement of the Rolling Stone article by urging everyone to read it.

Your posting of the article is extremely helpful. In my article, “Kennedy’s Challenge: Salon, Mother Jones, and the Tortured Dialogue” “Scoop” , I point out that the infamous Manjoo of Salon claimed that you, MCM, & Democratic Underground were the secret brain trust behind Kennedy’s persuasive argument that Ohio was stolen in 2004.

What will Manjoo say now that he sees the sleepless cabal of MCM and DU somehow failed to find this gem for over two weeks after Clinton’s speech of 6/17?

In all seriousness, the fact that these comments were made on June 17 and lacked attention until the publication by the “Association of Alternative News Weeklies” (AAN, bless their hearts!) is stunning.

Where was corporate media (CM)? Where were the local Arkansas media, television and print, when these comments were made? Kennedy’s article was just a tad over two weeks old when Clinton gave his clear endorsement. Wouldn’t the press have wanted to follow Clinton around and ask: “You told everybody to read RFK Jrs article. Does that mean you agree with it?” That would have been great press and Clinton would have been in rare form, I’ll bet.

The AAN transcript of Clinton’s speech and Q&A session is a major event in the recent history of elections. At times criticized for failing to take a clear stand, Clinton is sending strong signals, unambiguous, and he’s extremely clear. The material was timely and the statements were explosive. Yet there were no corporate media and even no Salon.Com or Mother Jones reports.

Where is the concern? Where is the hard work of full time reporters who claim they investigate? How hard would it have been for someone to put this on a wire? All the CM folks would have to do is show up and report on the speech.

The challenges to track down election fraud are significant; the task often thankless; and the notion of giving up unacceptable.

Thanks to President Clinton for his candor and endorsement of RFK Jr. and his article.

And thanks to you MCM for being right on top of this when it came out.

Michael Collins

OK, going back to 2000, Clinton knew Gore won and did nothing about it? Where was the preparation for 2004? As someone who worked ground zero in Franklin County OH, and witnessed the blatant suppression of Dem votes, I am appalled by the silence from this powerful man. Why not fight for Kerry’s presidency? Why not push for the DNC to do a real investigation instead of the lame ass report they put out in 2005? Are they complicit in this coup or do they lack the cojones to do the work left for individuals who cherish democracy over their personal career objectives?

I, for one, am glad that people like Conyers, MCM, Fitrakis, RHP, RFK Jr and the many brave individuals who work behind the scene doing the work of our “elected leaders”, are willing to take risks and are willing to speak truth to power. Clinton has failed the nation in his lack of action.

There’s a problem here. Bill Clinton is one of the biggest panderers in politics. If some conservative challenged him on his observation and talked about the Rolling Stone article being just a re-hash of the same old tired conspiracy theories, Clinton would probably agree. He simply has no ideological base. None.

Funny how the ‘anon’ comments are almost always in keeping with specific ideological leanings, isn’t it? LOL

Lrobby99, now this may sound too far fetched to swallow ..however, ask yourself this simple question: isn’t it more likely that Clinton lied about his supposed unawareness rather than being truly unwary?

From that point on, many far more disturbing questions arise.

You see, not for one second do I believe that the dem party, that is, the “oppositional” party, is merely aloof, unwary and helpless. What’s happening in the U.S. certainly didn’t begin with the 2000 coup ..but, as I’ve alluded to, it takes two to tango. So was it actually a coup?

To put it bluntly, the want of not only a continuation of private tyranny’s increased/consolidated power/defense contracts, et al, but a sharp increase within that framework requires an enemy to sufficiently frighten the public into supporting just such means, justified as “protection” via jingoism, fear, nationalism, et al.

I’ve come to believe that much – not all – but much of the whole left/right divide is a necessary illusion, a ruse: divide and rule.

This likewise necessitates dispensing with the silly, half-assed notion of a democratic “leader” arriving to save the day like Mighty Mouse. Yawn…

If the powers that be wish to put a “friendlier” face on the fascism, then we’ll miraculously see a “moderate” dem, another “Clinton” placed into the puppet role come 08′. That should give some indication as to what I think of Clinton’s institutional role, and how many others above him decided he need “play” it – not the man personally, that part is irrelevant to analysis of institutional/governmental policies/actions. And I voted for him twice.

Thing is, I’ve learned far too much since then to ever believe that our representative democracy is anything other than illusory, a sham that helps people sleep better at night by referring to itself as being that which the facts reveal it is not. In fact, the opposite of. Which is why the propaganda effort here is so extensive. And if you honestly think that’s going to change anytime soon …after all that’s been done right out in the open, and all the fools just sit there and allow for it…?

Dream on…

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