All due praise to Peter Peckarsky!

I stand corrected:


I think its great that the NYT is making the voting fraud issue more credible by publishing more articles and letters to the editor. I think that your e-mail is a bit inaccurate though, because the chief trial attorney in the Ohio Supreme Court action, Peter Peckarsky, Esq., wrote a letter to the editor that they published back in early 2005 on the voting fraud- either january or february I believe but a nexis search should pull it up.

It was published if recollection serves around the time that we were all challenging the electoral college vote and rallying support of Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Boxer.

It was a great article and thoroughly researched if I recall – he with Fritakis submitted the over 1,000 pages of evidence into the record so she surely knew what he was talking about.

He is a bit of a visionary and a man before his time — he spotted and evidenced this stuff before anyone could figure it out really.


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