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As pointed out by DemocraticUnderground member RobinLynne the Yahoo article sounds like Rightwing spin on election problems – it sounds like the beginning of a drive to pass legislation to further block the vote:

This really looks like a Republican introduction to justify their “stop the vote’ campaign. Read it twice. It is saying the problem is with the voters and the people who register voters. That is WRONG! That is not where the fraud is, or the major fraud at least. this is an old story. Let’s clean up voter fraud…This is very bad and dangerous news, in my opinion.

Nowhere on the list is a mention of hackable software and voting machines, proprietary software, lack of paper and verification. just the opposite. the problem is the voters, and that some counties haven’t yet fully complied with HAVA….. Voter error, inaccurate voter applications, fraud from voter registration drives. This is the right wing spin. get ready.

It addresses such as problems receiving voter registration applications from motor vehicle agencies, addressing voter error issues with absentee voting, recruiting and training a sufficient number of poll workers, and continuing to ensure accurate vote counting.

At the same time, new challenges arose in the November 2004 election, such as fraudulent, incomplete, or inaccurate applications received through voter registration drives; larger than expected early voter turnout, resulting in long lines; and counting large numbers of absentee ballots and determining the eligibility of provisional voters in time to meet final vote certification deadlines.

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I think Digby sort of summarized what the GOP tactic will be. Short version: Stop the mexican swarm of illegal voters.

That digby link is here:

By the way, I never thought that you, Pallast, Fitrakis and Wasserman were crazy. In fact, I think you guys are the best journalists in the country right now. The fact that you don’t work for corporate media tells us everything that is wrong with corporate media.

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Philip Shropshire

You had better believe this is their strategy and it makes sense for them because they have nothing else to work with.

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