A word to the wise-asses

Between Jason Leopold and those now crowing over his ostensible mistake, I stand unabashedly with Jason Leopold. He’s an honest journalist with guts, and he has been thus trashed before. Even if he turns out to have blown it, which I don’t believe he has, this chorus of denunciation is contemptible. The Bush machine depends on just such cheap shots at those (few) reporters who have dared to stray onto forbidden ground. Meanwhile, countless journalists helped put across the lies that got us into war, and no-one’s taking gleeful shots at them.

In any case, I think we need to know a whole lot more before allowing Leopold to be Rathered.


Truthout reporter stands by claim Rove was indicted
Published: Tuesday June 13, 2006

Jason Leopold, the reporter who asserted May 13 that Karl Rove had been indicted in the CIA leak case, told the syndicated Ed Schultz radio show that he stands by his original report.

Leopold also refused to identify his sources, who he said he would name if he was misled.

“I’m standing by that what we were told was accurate,” Leopold said.

“Certainly if some bad information was given, we’ll decide what the appropriate thing to do [is],” he added. “But if something did happen four weeks ago, [and] something happened in the past four weeks in Karl Rove’s favor…how does that make me wrong?”

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Leopold’s story belongs in the same dustbin that contains all of those Y2K-will-destroy-the-world stories. Printing crap that isn’t true – THAT is contemptible.

YEAH, Mark! Take that! LOL

Given the remark in defense of the evil Pilsburry Dough Boy, one suspects that Anon’s feelings of contempt over erroneous reporting must be selective to the point of absurdity. The list goes on for miles…

Not that Anon’s ilk are capable of discerning the difference, but there is a difference between a possible error in reporting versus the status of an ongoing process, and of course, deliberate misinformation.

And truly, the m.o. of the neocons who have seized power is disinformation. It is quite possible this information was purposefully given to Jason in order to discredit him.

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