"A sick, sick mindset" in Ohio

From someone who heard me on Wisconsin Public Radio on Friday:

dude, more than you may realize, you hit the nail on the head in your
interview this morning on wpr. i’m originally from ohio, now a resident
of wrightstown, wisconsin. i know intimately the ohio syndrome you’re
talking about.

I had an unpleasant run-in with the county prosecutor in Wood Co. Ohio
(homw of Bowling Green State University) when i reported a violation of
the law, a contribution by the Wood County board to an internet service
provide, the prosecutor refused to investigate and even sent
me a letter claiming that I should contact an attorney rather than to
report the crime to his office. he cited the fact that i had called his
office three times as a reason why he considered my report
confrontational and invalid. i’ll look for the letter, although i think
i threw it in the trash. if i find it i’ll send you a copy.

i hope you continue your work. look at ohio closely. there’s a sick,
sick mindset there. it exists here in wisconsin too but not to the
extent it does in ohio. call it ohio-think or ohio-speak, whatever,
it’s a reality and it’s pretty scary for those of us who want an open
society and democracy.

— TT

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