What's the big fat hurry in New York?

From Vicky Perry:

Many would agree with the new interpretation of “HAVA” in the headline below. The editorial rightly pushes for a scenario where the choices are made AFTER certification: “Asking for official action on a plan that has not been approved is inefficient and just plain dysfunctional. … state elections board should salvage one aspect of the process by at least not asking county commissioners to recommend buying a product not yet known”

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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Help, don’t hinder, voting

The Help America Vote Act could easily be renamed the Hinder New Yorkers to Vote Act. The process has been bungled from the get-go and it shows no signs of immediately improving, even though a federal lawsuit has been filed against the state to address the situation.

New York will miss the federal deadline to have new machines in place by the 2006 election. Other states’ compliance range from partial to full implementation of the program, which was created following the debacle of the 2000 presidential election. Some states have encountered problems, but at least they are further along than New York.

The law is supposed to ensure all votes are counted, and it allocates federal money to achieve that goal. New York is slated to receive $49 million to buy new machines.

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