The smartest bloggers are out-smarted

Sometimes, You’ve Received So Much Accolade For Being A Good Guy, You Don’t Realize It When You’ve Become A Bad One.
Let’s Hope It’s Only A Momentary Lapse.


Since we began posting editorials about how many of the large progressive blogs are running a fraudulent Telecom ad aimed at undermining the pro-democracy Internet, none of those blogs running the ad — to our knowledge — have taken it down. (See, which has embedded links to all the editorials.) They appear to have decided — alone or together — to take a stand to defend the right of Telecom companies to undermine the freedom of the Internet through deception.

One of the leading blogs, Eschaton (AKA, Atrios, edited by Duncan Black), wrote a note earlier in the week on why it wouldn’t take the ad down at that time. In his justification for running the deceptive Telecom ad, Atrios claims: “My ad policy is, roughly, accept any ad that is work safe (both the ad and whatever page it links to) and isn’t at a glance advertising something obviously fraudulent (the blogads version of a Nigerian email scam).”

Yet, as we have pointed out again and again, the real “Save the Internet” site features the very ad in question as their “Big Lie of the Week.” Now we may not be from Philadelphia, like Atrios is, but in Chicago “fraudulent” and “Big Lie of the Week” are synonymous. So, excuse us if we are a bit confused, particularly considering the stakes of bringing down the Internet as we know it.

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