The scandal in New Hampshire

Is there a journalist in the house?

N. H. Continued, Continued: Leads! Angles!
By Todd Gitlin

Maine’s Bangor Daily News offers reporters an angle to pursue if anyone’s interested in pursuing the much undercovered story of Republican phone-jamming in New Hampshire. Turns out that small fish Republican consultant Allan Raymond, a cooperative conspirator in the scheme to tie up Democratic and union phone lines during the 2002 senatorial race, gets out of Federal prison in Pennsylvania next week after serving three months (his sentence reduced from five months after bigger fish Tobin was convicted). Recall that Raymond’s telemarketing firm was co-founded by Haley Barbour.

Meanwhile, last week, the Manchester Union Leader reported contradictions in former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie’s accounts of just when he informed the White House of Tobin’s brilliant scheme to rig the NH election with the help of tribal money.

Lots of questions to be asked. Anyone interested in hot pursuit?

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