The New York Times finds problems with the DRE machines!!!

So what if the Gray Lady is reporting on this issue several years too late? Better late than never, I always say. (I always say it because I’d crack up if I didn’t.)

So maybe now the Times will follow up, and follow through, just like a paper should in a democracy. Or maybe it won’t. In either case, the cat’s out the bag.

Actually, as Rob Kall has reported, on the basis of a Zogby poll that he commissioned for Op-Ed News, the rational majority of our fellow-citizens already suspect that BushCo stole its “re-election.” Only those who watch a lot of “Fox News” (as well as many big-time Democrats, and most US reporters, right and left and in-between) don’t and/or won’t see what’s right before their eyes. Could that poll have moved the Times
to take this daring step?

Who knows? Who cares? Let’s rock!


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