Stop Hayden!

President Bush wants to promote the architect of illegal domestic spying.
Today the Senate is holding hearings on General Michael Hayden’s nomination to be CIA Director.
We believe government officials who break the law should be fired — not promoted. Urge your Senators to reject Hayden’s promotion today!
As former director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Hayden developed President Bush’s illegal program of warrantless domestic spying. He was the program’s “principal architect,” according to The New York Times. And while managing the NSA, Hayden failed to follow federal law and the Constitution. He demonstrated a disturbing lack of judgment in administering a program knew was illegal all because of pressure from President Bush. This record makes him unfit to lead the CIA. By rejecting his nomination, the Senate can protect the rule of law and show zero tolerance for government officials who break the law. Urge your Senators to act now.

Today CCR sent a detailed letter to the Senate making the case against Hayden. You can read the entire letter on our website , or check out this published commentary about the letter. But make sure you tell your Senators to reject Hayden’s promotion first click here to act!

During today’s confirmation hearing, General Hayden also made a stunning claim: “When it comes to speaking truth to power, I will lead CIA analysts by example. I will · always give our nation’s leaders the best analytic judgment.” But General Hayden refused to speak truth to power when he directed a spying program that he knew was illegal. That is why CCR filed suit against the intelligence agencies and President Bush in January to stop illegal spying on Americans. If General Hayden is confirmed as CIA Director, he would become a defendant in that case. And he has announced he would continue the widespread and illegal domestic spying programs. We will keep fighting this in court, and we need you to help fight it in Congress. Tell your Senators to reject General Hayden’s nomination and share this email with friends to build our movement.

Thank you for all your support and efforts.


Shayana Kadidal

CCR Staff Attorney

P.S. After you contact your Senators, don’t forget to check out this commentary about stopping Hayden.

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