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From Brad Friedman:

It’s primary day in several states across the country, and we’ll try to bring you the most notable “breaking news” (in several cases, quite literally, as you’ll see below!) as it happens.

Also, after the Arizona Sec. of State’s office out-and-out lied to listeners on the radio this weekend about their voting systems — after insisting they would only come on the air if I wasn’t allowed to speak while they were there — I am challenging AZ SoS, Jan Brewer, to a public “Debate for Democracy on the Homefront” in support of our troops…Please join me in supporting this important debate…and raising gas money to drive to AZ so I can meet her at a convenient time and date of her choosing…See below for more… Brad

[Note from MCM-Jan Brewer, like Ken Blackwell of Ohio, served both as Secretary of State and co-chair of the Bush campaign in Arizona. A Bush-bot/theocrat from sole to crown.]

E-VOTE MELTDOWN: Voters Given Paper Ballots as Machines Break Down in Ohio…
Early Reports of Trouble During Primary Elections Today…
It’s Primary Day in Ohio (and several other states) and the meltdown is under way. [Hard sarcasm on] Gosh, I wish someone had warned us about this…

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio — There have been some problems at polling locations throughout Cuyahoga County, NewsChannel5 reported.

Because of some confusion at the polling locations, citizens are being given ballots to fill out by hand, said Micheal Vu, director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections…


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