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Great shirt! It leaves me wondering only one thing: Where can I get a shirt like that?

Ha, shouldn’t be too difficult to find any local t-shirt/printing shop to hook ya up fairly cheap.

The thing is, an analytical, intellectual ass-kicker like MCM wouldn’t want the title, nor would the Powers That Be allow for it …and even if an indie, a Nader, a libertarian, et al miraculously got the numbers, somebody what put a bullet in em before their admin could even leave the starting gate …cause as you know, there’s democracy, and then there’s “democracy.” …nod/nod, wink/wink, “say no more, say no more…”

Over the years people have suggested that Chomsky run for the presidency, an idea he recoils from while adding [paraphrasing] “if I did, the first thing I’d do is tell people not to vote for me.” Indeed. The ones who want to be cops shouldn’t be cops, right?

Still and all, in the densely propagandized climate we’re in, it takes true courage of conviction to make waves, to tell the truth. Although I don’t think it stems soley from a place of masculinity, Mark has the balls to do it. And ironically too, I’d say, as it’s this pervasive facade of “sensible,” “reasonable” sounding Might Makes Right manliness which serves to keep people “in line,” which translates into denial, travesty-as-usual.

And there’s something very interesting about all of that …it’s the stereotypically “mild mannered” bookwormers like Mark, or Charles Lewis, Greg Palast, Amy Goodman, Chomsky, David Ray Griffin and many others ..these unimposing scholarly cats who, with their research and writing/speaking endeavors, wield incredible power and threat to private tyranny. If it all goes in the shitter, you can at least know that there were people who cared and who TRIED.

If there’s a future to provide an honest historical examination of these harrowing times, it’ll be these dedicated souls who’ll be remembered and revered for their bravery in speaking truth to power, and living with the onslaught of personal attacks from the brainwashed herd.

I mean, if you think about it, it can’t be a lot of fun: you know what’s true, what’s right, you research it and you write a book about it as it pertains to something bigger than all of us. And from there, you’re called “crazy,” among other colorful things, likely receive threats against you and yours, all for daring to care enough to state what should be obvious ..yet isn’t for millions who insist the earth is flat, and believe as such because the lie is reinforced 24/7 by a propaganda apparatus that would’ve made Orwell cringe. Remarkable times we’re living in, eh?


I am not religious, but I must say Amen, Amen, Amen. Love your web page.

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