King George attacking Parliament

FBI beefs up staff to probe pols
By Alexander Bolton

Federal law-enforcement officials say they witnessed a dramatic jump in campaign-finance and other election-related crimes in the 2004 presidential election year and are determined to beef up their policing of candidates running for federal and local office around the country this year.

Illegal fundraising schemes appear to have grown in number and sophistication as candidates have needed to raise more and more money to be competitive. Several members of Congress have recently found themselves caught up in fundraising controversies.

In the past year and a half, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reassigned nearly 200 agents to the problem of public corruption, bringing to 600 the total number of agents working on public-integrity cases.

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Some years back one Democrat and one Republican California state lawmakers were convicted of public corruption as a warning to all other elected officials, and the public comment was that law enforcement had enough evidence to convict every elected official in California…but what an outrage that would cause so the matter was dropped. Obstruction of justice ?

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