If it isn't even fast, why use it?

“I’m terribly dissatisfied with the process we went through tonight, especially in light of an old system that wasn’t broke but was fixed by federal legislation,” Burrow said pointing to the paper ballot counting machines.

E Voting Zaps Quick Totals
By The Morning News And The Associated Press

New electronic voting and tabulating machines delayed vote tallies by hours in Benton and Washington counties. Benton County election officials were still counting at 12:30 a.m. They had partial results from all precincts. Washington County finished unofficial counting about midnight. Election officials around the state struggled with a host of problems.

Benton County

Election officials in Benton County experienced more than a few hiccups:

Jim McCarthy, Benton County election coordinator, said there were 17 iVotronic, also known as the electronic voting machines, that poll workers did not know how to shut down because they did not receive enough training. He said election officials had to go back and check the votes on those particular machines.

Russell Odell, Benton County election commissioner, also complained of not having enough time to train the workers. He said there was not enough time between the filing dates and early voting for the primary election.

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