Help needed in Ohio!

Greetings, Patriots!

I could us some assistance for about 7 days in Delaware, Ohio. The record request of ballots for analyzing from the November 2004 election that Richard Hayes Phillips Ph.D. and I made is to proceed this week. I will need one person with me from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on May 25th and 26th, Thursday and Friday. Then it looks like we will proceed into the following week, Monday and possibly up until Friday. Will either of you be able to assist? As of Thursday May 25th, we are down to 99 days until September. In September they are at the end of the record retention schedule. This means they can destroy the ballots (across the state), and in November they can destroy signature books and other records.

Delaware is charging for the copying of records, at ten cents per page. I wanted digital photos, easier to store than reams of paper, the only cost is a few disks, and much more environmentally friendly. They will only allow photocopies. They are also charging for hiring two temporary workers. I have been waiting two months until after the primary election for the regular staff to do this, now they say they are too busy. The cost is $8.50 per hour.

They want a deposit of $1,980.00 if we want the records. As of this moment, we are still wanting the next 18 precincts. Contact me if you need to at (614) 761-0621 Donations are needed, big or small.

Please send them to me at

Paddy Shaffer
2408 Sonnington Drive
Dublin, Ohio 43016

If you are donating, please call and let me know so I can pace what we will still be needing!

If you can help by joining me, or by donating, please do. The numbers in Delaware are highly “surprising” and the results from our record gathering have the potential to further document major election problems and we can only hope…. accountability for what has happened in Ohio. Call me if you have questions. Any money over and above what is needed will be quickly

Thank you all!


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