Help John Conyers!

Help Me Fight Back Against the Republican Attack Machine

Today, I am officially announcing my intent to seek reelection. I have never before sent a general email asking for help, but the stakes are simply too high at this point in our Nation’s history.

“It would not be a surprise in the coming months if we hear more from the GOP about Conyers than about Osama bin Laden”

Philadelphia Daily News (5/14)

Donate Now and Help Me Fight Back and Work Toward a New Democratic Majority

Because I have been so outspoken in repeatedly speaking out against the excesses and abuses of the Bush Administration, and because the right wing fears that I will be chosen to chair the House Judiciary Committee if Democrats assume the Majority, the GOP hit man has come after me.

Help Me Fight Back

Karl Rove has identified me as the number one target of the Republican attack machine.

I need your help to help raise the resources to get reelected, to help get our message of accountability and checks and balances, and to fight back against the vicious right wing smear machine, which will only intensify in the coming weeks and months.

Help Me Lead the Charge Against this Administration’s Abuse of Power

Thank you as always, for your dedication to democracy and liberty.


John Conyers, Jr.

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