Colbert was too funny

Ignoring Colbert: A Small Taste of the Media’s Power to Choose the News

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Stephen Colbert’s “roast” of Bush may not have gotten much media play, but it certainly has not gone unnoticed, nor…”un-thanked.”

Thanks to and a couple of other websites…those who want to view/listen to the entire performance can access: //

Last night when I discovered the website at 7:30 (Pacific), about 16,000 people had already posted their personal “Thank You’s.” By 11:30pm it had risen to 19,000… by this afternoon to 26,000 and about 30 seconds ago to…31,730.

Go to the website and send your own “Thank You.”

Let’s see how many in this country are truly grateful for Colbert standing a few feet from the President and voicing what they all would like to say.

I do believe…we have a new hero.

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