Bush's "toughest moment"

“I would say the toughest moment of all was after the whole reality sunk in and I was trying to help the nation understand what was going on, and at the same time, be empathetic for those who had lost lives.”

Granted, empathizing with the dead is pretty hard; but of course that isn’t what he meant. What he meant, evidently, is that he had a very hard time showing, or feeling, empathy.

And check out the last ‘graph for what he sees as “the best moment” of his presidency.


Bush’s Best Moment in Office? It’s a Fish Story

WASHINGTON (May 7) – President Bush says his best moment in office was the time he caught a 7 1/2-pound largemouth bass.
Presidential Highs and Lows

President Bush said it was not easy to pick a best moment of his presidency because “I’ve had a lot of great moments.”

During his more than five years in office, Bush has traveled the world’s most impressive cities, met with world leaders and entertained celebrities.
But when the German newspaper Bild asked him to name his best and worst moments as president, Bush gave an offbeat answer about the best moment, while giving a more predictable response about his worst.

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