BushCo lays the groundwork for this year's electoral rip-off

This is not the time for Dems to count their chickens. Rather, it is time– past time–for them to stop their clucking and get down, finally, to their proper patriotic business. Notwithstanding Bush & Co.’s abysmal numbers nowadays, the regime will attempt to steal it once again; and, as sure as shootin’, the stalwarts of the Fourth Estate will, once more, go along with it, as long as the regime has done the necessary pre-propaganda (which is what we see right here):

“If Republicans retain Congress in November, Bush advisers note, he could assert that for the third straight election, the party defied historical patterns and popular predictions.”

Any Dem who thinks the regime won’t dare try to steal it, and/or that the press will not abet such theft (again), is living full-time on that mighty river in old Egypt. Here and now on Planet Earth, the facts are staring us all right in the face (again). So the Democrats had better face that possibility, and, at long last, deal with it.


Elections Are Crux Of GOP’s Strategy
Bush Aides Look to Midterm Vote as Way to Reverse Slide

By Peter Baker and Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, May 22, 2006; A01

Confronting the worst poll numbers seen in the West Wing since his father went down to defeat, President Bush and his team are focusing on the fall midterm elections as the best chance to salvage his presidency and are building a campaign strategy around tax cuts, immigration and national security.

Modern history offers no precedent of a president climbing from a hole as deep as the one Bush finds himself in, and White House strategists have concluded that no staff shake-up or other quick fix will alter their trajectory. In the sixth year of his tenure, they said, Bush cannot easily change the minds of voters whose impressions are fully formed.

And so short of some event outside their direct control — such as a dramatic turnaround in Iraq or the capture of Osama bin Laden — Bush advisers have turned to the election as the most important chance to rewrite the troubled narrative of his presidency and allow him to recover enough to govern his last two years, Republican strategists said. With that in mind, Bush last week called on the National Guard to help stop illegal immigrants, signed tax-cut legislation and headlined three party fundraisers.

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I have no doubt they will try and it doesn’t matter if they are down 20% in the polls the day of the election. They will just claim people changed their minds in the voting booth and decided to stick with the corrupt GOP.

The Democrats are devoid of any kind of vision and have no message other than “Bush sucks”; they are also in bed with hatemongers and crackpots. These are some of the items that are keeping their poll numbers down (in case you haven’t noticed). If the Dems fail to take back either house – which I think will be the case – those will probably be the main reasons.

Al Gore is the only Candidate for the presidency because he has participated and seen, first hand, the stolen election of 2000. Surely electorial fraud must be paramount on HIS mind. Perhaps he is the only candidate who would, this time, not “go gentle unto this good night”.

Keep your hat on! Look for GWB to manipulate the most horrendous terrorist incident ever known to mankind and watch him confiscate another term in office, by executive order and martial law. dont wait for him and his administration to calmy, peacefully walk away from their mandate from god almighty to bring this country to their knees like some kind of kinky BDSM, S&M whore! And you know whyat i mean!

Ah, but that begs the question, what can the Democrats, or private citizens for that matter, *do* to prevent another stolen election? Is there anything that can be done?

“BushCo lays the groundwork for this year’s electoral rip-off”

Tell us something we don’t already know.

We know the groundwork was laid, but how do you know the groundwork wasn’t already laid in 2004 or 2000 for that matter?

We already know they are going to try to steal elections this year, just like they did in 2004, 2002, 2000, and maybe before that too.

What we don’t know or have is a strategy to thwart the GOP’s effort to mastermind another rip-off, so let’s begin a brainstorming, problem solving dialogue, and come up with a plan to thwart the electoral rip-off.

I suggest bipartisan exit poll takers at every precinct. That way the results cannot be disputed, especially if the official results vary by a statistically significant amount.

Next I suggest we launch a nationwide campaign to bring awareness to the problem and educate the voters of their particular state’s voting laws and voter rights.

Along with this awareness we must educate the voters that they must show up in extraordinary large numbers. They must also wear their party’s color, blue for Democratic and red for Republican.

We must also have Attorneys stationed in every single precinct to provide pro bono assistant to any voter who may need their help.

Finally, we must make sure that at no time any precinct is without a bipartisan watchdog committee.

There must be more that we can do. Now is the time to suggest ideas for preventing more stolen elections in 2006. The only bad idea is no idea.

Come on folks, let’s hear your plans.

Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

Did anybody think the Democrats are in on it. Why bother stacking the press when you can stack the opposition too.

Hillary meeting with Rupert Murdock

Kerry…well this Guy was always a Repug.

The Democratic party is doing nothing because they are helping the Republicans get re-elected. I don’t know who the Repugs cut the deal with the Dems but they sure as hell did. When ever before have you seen the opposition be so quite when the ruling party is doing so bad in the polls. Very, very suspicious….

we should at least be happy that they can just rig the vote and therefore will not need another war or attack to raise their numbers. Hacking the machines is so much cleaner anyway.

I think the repugs would like to be elected; but it really doesn’t matter because they’ve done all the things they came to do: deregulated those corporations and other entities in order to rip off the middle class; began an unending war to benefit the military-industrial complex; invested the NRA with tremendous power; Ran the country into tremendous debt mainly to starve entitlements; Reduced civil libertied (although that has not been fully completed, yet)…but they have two more years before the Constitution is completely shredded; reduced campaigning for elections to more mud-slinging and viciousness than I have seen in my 3/4 of a century. The list goes on…and there are still those who believe that this administration is a gift from God…but I think if there is an Anti-Christ, he’s in charge of this corrupt administration.

why is it that it that the voters of this country have gone deaf and blind? why even bother with issues and debate when we all know the only issue for this election is the integrity of the election. Get rid of the paperless Deibolt machines or just keep watching the disintegration of our beloved country.

Well, they can’t pull another 9/11, because that took years to plan, and most of the people who participated have been sent to their reward, so their choice will be 1. bird flu; 2. anthrax; or 3. the old dependable Diebold, Sequoia and ES&S voting machines, together with rigged voter rolls and registration. Still, we have to monitor the exit polls, and continue to do so until the polls close. This has to be organized in advance with volunteers at every precinct. Who could set this up?

Attorneys at the polls have been useful in the past, but the Diebold hold on computer voting must be minimized with a definitive paper trail. With no trail, Bush & Company can alter the results without a worry, and they will!! Another safeguard would be to set up another group of volunteer pole sitters to record after the fact voting patterns (a second check and balance). This should take place especially in the precincts with high % of minorities where the computers “might not be working” or might not even exist. We need every form of check and balance we can think of since Bush & Co. will dream up new ways to circuvent voting legalities.

With the understanding that the Powers behind the Throne intend to keep their control, it would not be unreasonable to speculate, when all else fails, President Bush will be assassinated and martial law enacted. Farfetched? I don’t know my Country any more.

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