Air Force General calls for "Christian" Congress

From yesterday’s Washington Post: an article where an active duty general sent out a fundraising e-mail from a government address asking for donations to Republicans because he wants “Christians” in government.

Air Force to Examine Fundraising E-Mail Sent by a General
Message Praised Candidate’s Christianity
By Alan Cooperman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, May 6, 2006; A03

The Air Force is investigating whether a two-star general violated military regulations by urging fellow Air Force Academy graduates to make campaign contributions to a Republican candidate for Congress in Colorado, Pentagon officials said yesterday.

Maj. Gen. Jack J. Catton Jr., who is on active duty at Langley Air Force Base, sent the fundraising appeal on Thursday from his official e-mail account to more than 200 fellow members of the academy’s class of 1976, many of whom are also on active duty.

“We are certainly in need of Christian men with integrity and military experience in Congress,” Catton wrote.

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I just can’t get over how ironic it sounds for someone to be proclaiming their Chrisitanity and military experience at the same time.

General Jesus reporting for duty doesn’t sound quite right does it?

Granted, Christianity borrowed its central tenets from prior religions, and the bible has been re-written who knows how many times, based on umpteenth-hand say-so …still, I agree, the “Christian”/pro militant view is indeed an oxymoron that requires some rather fanciful mental/moral gymnastics …which, given the general pool you’re alluding to when addressing this “God is on OUR side!” nonsense, the consciousness is brainwashed and brimming with bullshit, so anything’s possible – including a hefty dose of Mass Murder For Jesus!

Killing for Christ has never gone out of vogue, the west just never will admit it as such.

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