The New York Times should cover this!

April 17, 2006
Editorial Observer
A Small-Time Crime With Hints of Big-Time Connections Lights Up the Net

The Internet is a great breeding ground for political conspiracies, and there is a new one lighting up computer monitors across the country. Bloggers are fascinated by what they see as eerie parallels between Watergate and a phone-jamming scandal in New Hampshire. It has low-level Republican operatives involved in dirty campaign tricks. It has checks from donors with murky backgrounds. It has telephone calls to the White House. What is unclear is whether it is the work of a few rogue actors, or something larger.

In 2002, there was a hard-fought Senate race between Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, the Democrat, and John Sununu, the Republican. On Election Day, Democratic workers arrived at five get-out-the-vote offices to find their phone lines jammed. It turned out that the jamming was being done by an Idaho telemarketing firm that was being paid by a Virginia consulting group. The fee for the jamming, reportedly $15,600, was paid by New Hampshire Republicans.

The executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party and the president of the Virginia consulting group pleaded guilty for their part in the scheme. James Tobin, who was the New England political director for the Republican National Committee, went to trial and was convicted of telephone harassment last December.

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  1. Mr. Miller,

    I’m the director of communications for a conservative Christian think-tank. I’m also the editor of it’s 40-year running magazine — I just turned 40, so I’m the new guy!

    I saw a few of your interview bytes featured on “Orwell Rolls in His Grave.” You stood out, in my mind, among the many great contributors. I’ve since learned more about your work.

    In short, I’m very impressed with your scholarship, decency, and commitment to freedom. It seems the present administration has made both far left, and far right, strange political bed-fellows.

    I will try to keep up with your blog. Great job.

  2. Mr. Miller,

    Heard you on C-SPAN & wondered if it occurred to you that PERHAPS Kerry (being a fellow Bones Man) was merely ACTING at wanting to be elected. Perhaps the PLAN was (all ALONG) that Bush be placed in office, and with KERRY running, he could somehow keep the “plan” alive if he were to “accidentally” be noticibly elected.
    I think Kerry played HIS part in getting a Bones Man there, and he KNEW that it was to be Bush all along.

    Also, I’m curious as to how Bush, Sr. was able to get a CIA bldg named after him when he wasn’t the CIA head for very long? What did he DO to attain such an honor, and does HE have anything to do with his son’s take over of our country?

    And if you think YOU have a press blackout, there’s a gal named Lois who has been blacked out of ALL of her writings since 1966!! And she’s been writing to ALL the world’s communications systems, and religious & governmental leaders giving Jesus’ Truth in reply to what THEY have been saying, yet NO one has allowed HER replies to be heard like they do everyone ELSE’S replies.

    She has been giving Jesus TRUTH about how Christianity is NOT following the things that Jesus teaches, particularly where $$$ is concerned (Jesus’ Way is free of charge & His own DO pay tax!) and where war is concerned. (John 18:36 & James 4:1-4)

    In Jesus’ name only, thru Lois, Albertina

  3. Hey Albertina, you’ve a very interesting take on things.

    You’re certainly not alone in speculating on the dems taking a strategic dive in fulfilling a larger, hidden role for the National Security State.

    I’ll do ya one better and suggest that perhaps Gore knew all along too.

    Neither then, nor in 04, did either candidate pitch much of a bitch about major upsets …which makes about as much sense to me as suggesting the nefarious Bushco has “miraculously” gotten strongholds of Christo-fascism and PNAC empire through an “inexplicable” series of coincidental incompetence.

    Afterall, how could so many in higher levels of gov have been unwary to the want of “regime change” in the mid east, or of the PNAC, or of 9/11, when the mere absence of a global enemy ensured the need for one to be created?

    Why did the military and defense budget soar in the 90s with no clear threat in sight? If you answer: because they ALL knew what was coming in 2000 …well, it certainly makes some sense, provided you completely break ranks with whatever prevailing perceptions you had about the true aim and nature of the American empire.

    However, suggesting that they’re all, or most of em, are “in on it” is considered anathema to most people, irrespective of illusory party identification. It’s too big then, too grim, and such scope invariably hints at something beyond…

    The only ones doing such speculating are the ones thinking that maybe we’re experiencing a time of …something that we’re not ready to accept. I mean, collectively, academia will roundly laugh-off such a notion as being every bit as “projective” and delusional as the right.

    I have no concrete beliefs in the various “end time” theories aside from knowing that we’re being lied to, manipulated and set up on an unprecedented scale, and apparently by large numbers of people who either don’t experience pangs of conscience ..or, again, venturing “out there” a bit, are under an influence that we’re left grappling over, trying to define or recognize, let alone explain …without feeling as though we’ve fallen into the same trap we perceive the willfully blind right being stuck in.

    However, glad you’ve honed in on the diligence of MCM …an invaluable asset of clarity to accompany us in the strange times we’re experiencing.

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