Stepping down, EAC commissioner wants audits for all races

EAC Commissioner Martinez Resigns & Advises Audits for all Elections
by Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA – April 10, 2006

Commissioner Met With Election Activists On Saturday

Commissioner Martinez’ Letter of Resignation

The current vice chair of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Ray Martinez submitted his resignation to President George W. Bush this morning. Mr. Martinez’ resignation will become effective June 30, 2006. He cited family considerations as his primary reason for stepping down and lauded his colleagues at the EAC and the agency’s staff for their continued work on behalf of the nation.Martinez had been recommended for nomination by Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) in 2003.

On April 8, Martinez had met with election integrity activists participating in a VoteTrustUSA leadership workshop. The Commissioner graciously and diplomatically fielded a barrage of questions from leading election refom advocates from across the country for well over an hour. The questions were challenging and well informed and reflected the growing crisis facing our democracy.

The day before he spoke at the VoteTrustUSA workshop, Martinez had presented a paper at a colloquium in Princeton, NJ. The paper presented four solutions to what he called the”alarming erosion” of American voter confidence following the last two presidential elections.

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“One of the most alarming trends in our country is the continual erosion of voter confidence in the accuracy of our tabulated results,” Martinez said.

“The 2000 presidential election has adversely affected the opinion of the average American on our electoral process. “Since then, voter confidence has continued to trend in the wrong direction,” Martinez added, “and it’s unlikely to fade any time soon.” At the top of his list was the idea that every state perform a regular election audit to determine that the administration of elections is fair, impartial and consistent with voter intent. The results of these audits should be widely dispersed.

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