Mugged in Maryland

Mugged by Diebold, and the Democrats

April 21, 2006

Reality Check:
reporting from Maryland

by Mary Howe Kiraly
For voting integrity activists in Maryland, the 2006 Legislative Session ended as a disappointment and a reality check. We began the session believing that, if we could pass a paper ballot bill in the House of Delegates, this legislation was a certainty in the State Senate (where similar legislation had 23 of 47 Senators on board as co-sponsors). How wrong we were.

The dream bill, which included leasing optical scan for the fall, passed the House unanimously. The Governor changed positions and supported a paper ballot, backing up that support with a funding request. Then the legislation moved to the “friendly” Senate, where it languished, never to move to a floor vote before the session ended.

What happened? We cannot say for certain but here are some facts that can be assembled a number of ways, depending on one’s degree of cynicism.

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  1. Voting using Paper Ballots is perfect when hand counted. But, the real results of Paper Ballot Evidence can be easily hidden with Optical Scan, and so its use can never be a dream bill.

    Optical Scan is, in many different ways, as easily altered on-site and off-site as E-Voting, and only some of the ways are catchable. Optical Scan prevents the actual counting of ballots with observation as when done by hand with witnesses.

    It gives you exactly the horrible situation that John Kerry finds himself. So far out from the 2004 election, the trial is finally upcoming in Sept. (?) 2006 in Ohio. Eventhough Kerry had the Paper Ballots from the Scan machines secured, Republicans have changed the laws in the meantime. So, even if Kerry counts the ballots and proves his win in Nov 2004, Republicans say it will change nothing.

    They must be operating on the Republican Theory of Cheaters Keepers.

    So, how happy can you really be with Optical Scan which creates a barrier to evidence and that allows hacking. It is non-evidence posing as evidence.

    (Note: For the sake of our families living on the coast, please everyone ask to move that trial up before Hurricane Season. I want to know if Kerry won now, in order to save lives. I don’t want to go through another Hurricane season with Thelma Bush and the Louise GOP and their Greater Extinction-Level Job Performance. We have passed the tipping point to 425 ppm of CO2 and Methane on Global Warming. Time is up. We have to have reality based leaders who will try even at this very late day to reverse or slow down Global Warming. Please ask.)

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