MCM at KGB tonight!

Tonight at 7:00 p.m., I’ll be appearing at the KGB Bar here in New York, to talk about, and sign copies of, Fooled Again. (I’ll be one of three writers on the program.)

KGB is at 85 E. 4th, between the Bowery and 2nd Ave. (but much closer to 2nd Ave.), on the north side of street. The number is 212-505-3360.


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Mark, what do you think of Noam Chomsky’s comments about the idea that the stolen election is not that important? That the overall political corruption in America is more important.

Dear Dr.Miller:

VINDICATED!, I feel I am after having surfed onto CSPAN’s April 10 rerun of your 3/31/06 Amhearst lecture based on “Fooled Again.” I will buy it at this Thursday’s “Village Fest,” a Palm Springs thing, then I will give it as a present to everyone who’s birthday comes up before the midterms. Or has an anniversary, or whatever……

BECAUSE, I have been complaining to every leftist or anyone else who had a moment to let me rant that the 2004 general was stolen! But everyone thought I was a conspiracist– they wanted to blame Kerry or whoever didn’t vote. (None of us knew anyone who said they would vote for Bush! And, we know a lot of people. But somehow, the blame went to us — did we make enough phone calls — did we put out enough flyers — did we register enough people at the most unlikely sites (like gay bathhouses, bars and the aforementioned Village Fest.)

Florida Sec./State Glenda Hood and I go back 25 years or so as neighbors in Orlando when she was on the Junior League! I was always wary of ambitious redheads (NOT necessarily a redundancy.) I was code enforcement board member and chairman who stayed on for the first 5 of the 7 or so years she was Orlando’s mayor.I was appointed by the previous mayor.)

So, I have watched Glenda operate and I believe that, like the Stepford Wife I always assumed she was, would do anything any Republican operative told her to do in order to get more political note.

I publicly wondered but privately assumed I knew why for 2 years she was such a kiss-ass to Toni Jennings (also from Orlando who became Lt. Gov. under Jeb) and even Mel Martinez for whom she seemed to have had a virulent distaste because he was county chairman while she was merely mayor of one of the county’s cities (although publicly she supported him for the Senate. So I knew that something was up, and it was all for her own power-grab.

Didn’t see her (or care to) for a year or so, then I ran in to Jimmy Carter, who I’d run into (totally coincidentally) in disperate parts of the world, on airplanes, hotels, even near my NYC neighborhood when he was doing a Habitat thing in Astoria (I had always lived part time in Midtown and would frequently fly back to Orlando via Atlanta, and President Carter & I (with the lovely Mrs. Carter and secret service, of course) occasionally were on the same first leg.

But about 10 weeks before the 2004, President Carter (again, on a Delta flight) told me that he was VERY concerned about the no-paper-trail Deibold machines that Glenda had put into operation in as many places as she could. He knew damned well what was up, but I now believe, having heard you for the first time today, that he was blindsighted by the media, results controversy media squelches and general depression over the whole results picture that even if he were so inclined to speak, he was intimidated (a trait that I’d never had aligned with Jimmy Carter!).

So, I e-mailed Glenda still 2 months before the 2004 and told her that in my travels, I had discerned that her beloved Florida was once again on the line and being watched and spoofed and even dissed — especially in Europe — and that she should know how many people were watching her (and I told her that I was telling her this as a neighbor and friend, even though we disagree on just about everything).

Glenda’s response to me was to “not worry” because they’d had dry run-throughs and tests and whatnot and that “everything was in control.”

That last comment freaked me out as I immediately flashed back all of her Stepford-like traits, that red hair, that ambition, that superficial smile, that kind of sick necessity to hitch onesself to some other star than her drab husband who she could NOT get elected onto the school board nor do anything she would have liked to further her own need for power, now that her kids were old enough to let mommy go off and do her own thing.

So, I called Citibank, where I have an account and asked them why their computer data on my accounts differ on any given moment between the ATM at my home branch on 5th and 36th Street (NYC) and the one here in Palm Springs (to where I have relocated from Orlando).

After a long song and dance and three transfers, Citibank basically told me that their computers can do anything they’re programmed to do — like take into account the time zone when I made an inquiry, or whether I was depositing cash, checks, Euros, money orders or any of several other possibilities.

So, then I asked a statistician professor/friend at UCF if he could determine just how many Bush votes it would take precinct by precinct to avoid an automatic recount. This was still way before the so-called election.

My thought was that the Diebold machines were pre-programmed to stop the Kerry count at whatever point the no-recount threshold was reached. No response, or maybe at that point we were both too busy to sort though personal e-mails.

But I am convinced that something like that was the case, that Glenda had everything to do to make that happen and did (I’d never known her in 25 years to say no to anything that could shove her up a rung), and that those who call me a paranoid conspiratist are, — well, uninformed, among other things.)

Now that I’ve lived full-time in Palm Springs for 3 years, I’ve become very close to my across-the-street neighbor who claims he is more leftist than I am and he may be correct, but he has allowed himself a lot more credibility since he has a slew of Emmys on his bookcase and is well known among those who have been named has the “Hollywood Elite,” though he would refute that moniker. But just a month ago we got onto this topic of election theft, and I laid out my premise anout the Florida debacle (2004) and what computers can do when they’re programmed to do so, and so on. And, my dear fried Tony across the street for the first time since we’d been neighbors, implied that he thought I was certifiably nuts.

Well, NOW, thank you thank you thank you, I have a document to give him — “Fooled Again,” and it will be awaiting his return from his semi-weekly junket to his main house in Beverly Hills during which times I make sure his Palm Springs cats are fed and pet. We give each other little gifts for even the stupidest of things, but his next gift will be your book and I can’t wait to see his reaction!!!!!

I am so elated that I was not out-to-lunch in my premise and that others have documented it, I can’t tell you!

But your latest work will be a great work of vindication for me, a pleasure to read and I can’t wait to get it.

By the way, I am not computer-savvy enough to know how to get into blogsites, in fact, I don ‘t even know for sure if I’ll be successful in sending this message.

But if I am, then I would be forever grateful for a summer of recommended reading fun — I was not fast enough to pick up the 5 titles and authors you recommended in response to audience questions. Would you be kind ehough to let me know?

Larry Bucking, P.O. Box 4727, Palm Springs, CA 92263, or reply to this e-mail, if you actually get this. And, accepct mt utmost gratitude and thanks! Larry Bucking

Many Canadians believe that both elections were fraught with fraud…any chance that you’d do a book tour here in Toronto, Ontario?

You’ll probably get good coverage in the Canadian media — I think a lot of Americans watch and listen to Canadian news (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — CBC).

BTW — GAO is actually General Accounting Office — they’re the equivalent of Canada’s Office of the Auditor General that are supposed to look at the federal government’s goings on — primarily from a financial responsibility/governance point of view, but it also is supposed to evaluate the conduct of government departments and programs — one particular audit resulted in a public inquiry and various individuals wound up with criminal charges being laid — the Gomery Inquiry…

I had the pleasure of watching your c – span thing on the rip off of the the last election. I trust you have a plan to reform the election process. What can I do besides giving my numb boys a heckling (I have a good one: Renzi!!)and speaking to my fellow citizens. Unfortunately, I am in a sea of R’s. A lot of them won’t even look at me now – since I have been harrassing them for six years now. Somehow I don’t get much satisfaction out of being correct about everything. These people are truly dangerous (as this choir already knows). My first blog is up and running – Somebody respond!! Bill

Just watched the speech from 3/31. Whew! A breath of fresh air at last! I’m going out tomorrow for the new book! Thanks!

Mark Crispin Miller is a blithering fucking Marxist nutjob.
I thought I had heard it all before I listened to this commie anti-American schmuck on C-Span.

Thank you for C-Span for exposing the leftie loonies for all to see.

What an asshole and Btw, Get a new suit.

Dear Mark Crispin Miller:

Thank you for introducing me to the Apocalytptical Demonic true believers concept at the core of the “Conservative” wing of the Republican Party. This fits with my perception as well. And it explains why the traditional politically-based thinking of the left is helpless to understand what has happened. You did an excellent job of diagnosing the extreme level of denial rampant re: the reality of the extent of the takeover. It is very hard for peoplewho live in denial-all of us to some extent-to grasp this takeover as a realilty. I am committing myself to getting better informed about this topic as a first step towards action. Thank you.

further to my earlier posting at 11:51 — I stand corrected — GAO was known as General Accounting Office — this govt dept appears to have undergone a re-structuring and renaming to Government Accountability Office — perhaps a better name —my apologies for the mistake in my earlier posting — being Canadian, I don’t always keep up with the goings on in the U.S. Civil Service.

I look forward to reading the GAO report on the election results and the election machines.

I very much enjoyed your speech on cspan 2. Since I have been old enough to pay attention to politics. I knew we would not last as a civilization. I have taken the necessary steps in my life to assure I would not hurt another individual by bringing them into this world, and I am not too worried about the future. You are far more optimistic then me. As a youth I thought that mother nature would deal with us. At this age (38) and talking to people I realize the complete denile of your average citizen. Alot will agree the situation is awful. No one will admit that it is almost over. We have handed the planet to a suicidal cult, and if we try to take it away from them they will kill everything on the planet. If we leave them alone they will kill everything on the planet. It took 4.5 billion year for man to evolve. The sun goes supernova in 4.5 billion years. I hope something will evolve on this plant again. We could have easily done in ourselve if we didn’t put our children in charge so that we could have more free time. I loved the human race we had such potetial.

You know you’re creating unwelcome ripples in the water when your relatively quiet blog receives numerous personal insults from Bushco automatons! The messege is anathema to their propagandized view, so they attack the messenger.

Keep on keepin’ on, Mark! …the tide is turning on the crucial deceptions – [S]elections and 9/11. Let’s hope enough break free from denial before Bushco brings on The Big Darkness…

For years Demowits have been stealing elections! (most recent the ’04 Washington state Gov race… recount till the Demo wins, after which, no more recounts are needed!)

IMHO… you’re just mad the Republickans have gotten better at it than your side!!!

Do you REALLY want fair elections?
Require picture ID (which most Demos oppose) and a for sure vote verification (we’re America we could do this!)… and stiff penalties for fraud. Are you willing to take the chance!

When Mark repeatedly offers incidents of dems involvement in voter fraud – which he’s never denied, and in fact sites specific examples of – when he’s giving a talk, an interview, or in his writing, how is it that slavishly obedient Bushbots are unable to distinguish, to comprehend, to appreciate that fact?

Because, if they had, they wouldn’t offer the “Dems steal elections TOO!” as their frontal attack in response to the evidence Mark, and others, bring to the table.

Aside from that, what they fail to discern is degree and scale. The devil is always in the details, so to speak, and the Bushco defenders are uniformly similar in their inability to weigh those facts objectively.

Hi Mark …saw you on CSPAN…brilliant –truly brilliant …however, please check your references on the JFK thing ….the Hartman Book is more ‘blame it on the mob’ mentality that continues the cover up away from the perpetraitors …famous three now blame it on Oswald, The Mob and Cuba ….who’d we leave out here …hmmmm…can you guess…maybe not even them …see it’s real deep but also real shallow ….

The first anonymous posting asked what Mark thought of Chomsky’s view of election fruad/political corruption. This:

“The elections of November 2004 have received a great deal of discussion, with exultation in some quarters, despair in others, and general lamentation about a “divided nation.” They are likely to have policy consequences, particularly harmful to the public in the domestic arena, and to the world with regard to the “transformation of the military,” which has led some prominent strategic analysts to warn of “ultimate doom” and to hope that US militarism and aggressiveness will be countered by a coalition of peace-loving states, led by – China! (John Steinbruner and Nancy Gallagher, Daedalus). We have come to a pretty pass when such words are expressed in the most respectable and sober journals. It is also worth noting how deep is the despair of the authors over the state of American democracy. Whether or not the assessment is merited is for activists to determine.”

I checked my references re: “this JFK thing.” That is, I read ULTIMATE SACRIFICE, and read it carefully. I also spoke about it at some length with both Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann.

As far as I can see their argument is sound. Have you actually read the book, Anonymous? Or do you dismiss it out of hand because it doesn’t tell you what you want to hear?

Tell me exactly how and why the authors’
argument or evidence is faulty. If you can’t, then think about the possibility that you may be addicted to a certain labyrinthine fantasy.

I’ve not read Ultimate Sacrifice, and further make no claims to be well versed in the various nuances of the JFK/RFK conspiracies

…however, I know that Chomsky’s view of JFK has always been a point of contention [he largely disavows ANY surrounding theory, seemingly based on the notion of the left’s want of assigning greater significance and saintlyhood to JFK, who had committed similar war crimes as the rest of the post WW2 lot], spurring some to decry him as an “illuminati shill,”…which when one walks that premise through, it quickly devolves into absurdity.

However, he likewise hasn’t had much to say regarding the theories surrounding 9/11 other than to say – concerning the “inside job” – that it’s “possible but improbable.”

Although many suspect he has other motives for wanting to stay out of it for now: personal safety, concern for his families safety, and of not wanting to paint too bleak a picture for the left. Who knows…

I firmly believe people within our gov orchestrated 9/11 as a needed justification, as more or less called for by the PNAC. With this admin, I’m not willing to buy “coincidence,” and unlike JFK’s assassination, there’s a mountain of evidence to discredit the official version available NOW, not many years down the road when the trail is that much colder.

Perhaps Mark is onto something though regarding a certain “religion” of the left ..something Chomsky has likewise brought up since JFK. I think he sees far too many other areas of concern that are done in the OPEN that people should oppose and work to change.

I know I read a broader, sinister NWO agenda into what’s happening simply because all of what’s occurred simply could not have happened through a theocratic fringe cult that “just happened to” infiltrate our gov at numerous levels, unbeknownst to all. That jive doesn’t add up.

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