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From an anonymous reader:

Left-wingers have been screaming previuosly [sic] that Tony Snow (and evrybody [sic] else at Fox News) was just a shill for President Bush and all conservatives. Now they are playing up his remarks criticizing Bush. Actually, a lot of lefties are trying to say both at the same time. Doesn’t work. Come on, boys and girls. Is Tony Snow a shill and a yes-man, or is he a critic? Actually, Tony Snow is a good man. He’ll do a fine job.

Mark responds:

Yes, Tony Snow has frequently reproved Bush–from the right. Anyone who thinks that such “attacks” amount to serious criticism, or that Bush was even slightly hurt by them, is missing major pieces of his frontal lobe. Whether such dimwits are “left-wingers” or not makes little difference (although I wonder what you think you mean by “lefties”).

Tony Snow is not “a good man” (I also wonder what you mean by that), but a rabid far-right propagandist–perfectly appropriate for “Fox News Channel,” which is essentially a pro-Bush propaganda operation. (That’s why his “criticism” has been harmless.) But for that very reason, Snow WILL no doubt “do a fine job,” which is precisely the problem here.

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  1. Why isn’t the press challenging the legitimacy of Snow as press sec’y? Obviously most of them did not consider him a legit journalist. Why the instant acceptance of anything the WH decides?

    Yes, the White House gets to choose a press secretary. But the press does not have to accept his credibility even from day one. If I were a journalist, I would find the choice of Snow insulting.

    Just my opinion, for everyone’s consideration.

  2. It’s known that Snow’s criticism of Bush took place in his written op-ed pieces and at times on his radio show, rarely during his FOX programming. This fact may back up the warranted claims many have had in stating FOX news has expected pro – Bush agendas from it’s pundits and “journalists”. No wonder that is the only news broadcaster the White House wants to hear from. Of course Mr. Bush will be choosing someone to help present his ideology that is expected, but it will do little to relieve the fractured state of affairs this administration currently finds it’s self. I doubt that Tony Snow’s thumb is large enough to plug the dam at this point in time. More window dressing from Bush/co… and we expected anything but?

  3. I will say it again, because it is true: Tony Snow is a good man. An honorable man. I saw him in person twice when he came to our city for a couple of speaking engagements. He is bright, funny, whip-smart, and optimistic about his country and about life in general. No amount of libel will change that observation.
    Besides, who do you think President Bush was going to choose as WH press secretary? Randi Rhodes? Al Franken? When you tell jokes about killing Bush or get into drunken shouting matches, I think that mat disqualify you from the job.

  4. As one of my colleagues in the School of Communication at Illinois State wisely put it the other day, “This is just a lateral career move.” The appointment simply verifies the obvious–that Fox News might as well be the official voice of this administration.

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