JFK's assassination solved!

Tonight (Tuesday, 4/4), at 7:00 p.m., Lamar Waldron will be speaking at the MacNally-Robinson Bookstore, on Prince St. (at Mulberry) in New York City. He will be discussing his superb new book, Ultimate Sacrifice, which he wrote with my good friend Thom Hartmann.
Ultimate Sacrifice is a brilliant, liberating book about the Kennedy assassination. Based on 17 years of meticulous research, it finally tells the startling truth about that epoch-making crime.

Here’s the blurb I posted on my blog:

Here’s some good news: there is no longer any mystery as to JFK’s assassination. In their new book, Ultimate Sacrifice, Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann make it wholly clear that Kennedy was murdered by the Mafia, whose chieftains had infiltrated Jack’s and Bobby’s covert
plan to spark a coup in Cuba and have Castro killed. The mafiosi–specifically, Carlo Marcello, Johnny Roselli and Santo Trafficante–knew that that operation was so sensitive that any news about it could have touched off World War III; and, therefore, that Bobby would do anything to keep the whole thing secret. In the two weeks prior to Nov. 22, 1963, those hoodlums had already tried to have JFK killed in Chicago and in Tampa. Both efforts were logistically identical to the assassination that occurred in Dallas.
This is not supposition or speculation, but a solid case, based on copious documentary evidence and numerous firsthand accounts by close participants in the Kennedys’ top-secret venture (code-named AMWORLD).

In other words, the book explodes two antithetical mythologies: the preposterous cover story floated by the Warren Commission, and the paranoid master-theory that has launched a thousand books, and made Warner Bros. wealthy through the movie JFK. Thus this extraordinary book not only sheds abundant new light on the central trauma in our modern history, but in so doing it also sets us free.

I’ll be there to introduce Lamar, who will speak, take questions, and sign copies of his book.

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  1. Oh and Mark,

    If Thom is a good friend, ask him why he never mentions that he interviewed Chauncey Marvin Holt.

    Let me know his response at info@jfkmurdersolved.com

    And by the way, I agree with a lot of the findings in Ultimate Sacrifice. But am I to believe that the mafia did it all by themselves?

    Did they also appoint the Warren Commission? Did they also lie to the public for 42 years? Did they also rig the autopsy of JFK? Did they also lock up the files? Did they also keep the Zapruder film away form the public. Did they also pull Hoover’s, Ford’s, Dulles’ strings to rig the Warren Commission? Did they also decide who was called to testify and who not? Did they also fake the autopsy foto’s of Kennedy’head? Did they also invent the single bullet theory? Did Giancana, Roselli and Nicoletti kill themselves shortly before they were called to testify?

    Now, the book also claims that “only about a dozen people in the US government knew the full scope of the plan, all of whom worked for either the military, the CIA, or reported directly to Robert. ” That plan was to be carried out within 2 weeks ! after JFK’s murder and is described as follows:

    “The Plan for a Coup in Cuba” (as it was titled in a memo for the Joint Chiefs of Staff) would include a “palace coup” to eliminate Castro, allowing a new Cuban “Provisional Government” to step into the power vacuum, and would be supported by a “full-scale invasion” of Cuba by the US military, if necessary.

    A full scale invasion by the US military? And only a dozen people in the Government knew about it? Come on!



  2. Mark,
    I believe you have a good heart and a bright mind. You wouldn’t intentionally spread propaganda for the coup ‘bunch.’ But you have here, and this is the ‘worst’ thing historically for you to get wrong. Your ‘very wrong and good people may respect your writing as gospel. Its tremendously damaging!
    Did the Mafia order that the patsy Oswald recieve a new passport and gov loan the day he returned from Russia? No never.
    There has been two trials now, (Shaw and Hunt)both CIA, and one didn’t win. It wasn’t mafia who LIED and fought the Shaw prosecution like all hell.
    Yes, the best friends of the CIA did play a small role. Just ask Jimmy Hoffa when you find him. Friends come and go and the GOV BUNCH has removed the mafia now. They ‘do not’ exist except in their own little heads. (Nor does America I fear.) The street gangs like the Bloods or Crypts are more formidable now.
    Dont let them fool you.
    Dont let them fool you.
    Dont let them fool you.
    The Mafia had their little “patsy part.” Now their dead.

  3. As someone whose research is quoted in the Waldron/Hartmann book, I can only say I’m very disappointed in it. They take what appears to be a contingency plan to invade Cuba, make it a going concern, and with what evidence? That of a CIA asset who would have every reason to lie to implicate the Kennedy’s in yet another Castro plot, while excusing his employer, the CIA.

    I love Thom Hartmann as an activist. As a researcher, I was shocked by his naive trust of these CIA sources. As one of them sneared to me recently re my desire to question another CIA agent, why do you think he would tell you the truth? I knew the guy wouldn’t. I just wanted to get more statements that could be exposed as lies on the record to show how deep the deceptions go.

    Mark – you’re a good guy. Don’t let yourself go down on this ship. Listen to David Talbot and Jeff Morley of the Post. Jeff has done amazing work researching this case, tracking a character called George Joannides who helped prevent the HSCA’s investigation of the CIA without the HSCA’s knowing that he was in charge of the DRE at the time Carlos Bringuier of the DRE was fighting Oswald in the street and putting him on the air as an avowed communist.

    Waldron and Hartmann excuse the CIA of culpability. I think that’s why this book, more than any others of late, gets media attention and the rest do not. But it is not a good book. As Morley said – it’s like a donut – it has a big hole at its center. It’s main thesis just doens’t hold up – that the Mob will kill Kennedy just when Kennedy was, according to the flawed thesis, about to give them Cuba, the thing they most desired.

  4. What causes me doubt about C-day, is that Hoovwer in the notorius memo RE: Mr. George Bush of the CIA,Hoover clearly states that policy toward Cuba has not changed. If so, C-day was still a go, or Edgar was out of the loop and eroneous in the memo, which was never intended for public exposure. Surely Mr Bush of the CIA, as close as he was to Nixon and thew Cubans, would have known of any such plot about to hatch. Also, McNamara didn’t know of any such coup plans. Nice theory, though.

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