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Republican Congressman Tom Feeney Continues to Demonstrate Ethics Problems, Much Like His #1 Supporter, the Indicted Tom DeLay

(Titusville, FL) – Clint Curtis, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House in Florida’s 24th Congressional District, sharply criticized the questionable fundraising tactics of his opponent Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Oviedo). As reported last week by Roll Call, in exchange for $5,000 donations at an April 6 party, the Feeney for Congress campaign is selling unlimited access to the incumbent’s events for the entire year. With GOP corruption scandals and indictments spreading throughout Capitol Hill, a political donation of $5,000 raises serious questions as to whether this is in violation of the $2,100 per person federal campaign contribution limit.

Roll Call reported that the invitation to Mr. Feeney’s spring-break themed party at the American Legion Hall in Washington says: “Get a Season Ticket Pass: $5,000 per calendar year gives you complimentary invitations to all Feeney for Congress events in that year,” and instructs invitees to write their checks to “Feeney for Congress.”

Feeney is currently running unopposed in the Republican primary for Congress in Florida’s District 24. Federal election law limits individual campaign contributions to a maximum of $2,100 in the primary period, and another $2,100 during the general election period. In question are the directions to for donors to address checks to for the All access pass to “Feeney for Congress,” implying that these funds will be donated directly to the Feeney campaign. This appears to be yet another example of Feeney’s continuing disdain for the rule of law.

Feeney’s campaign manager explained the matter away to Roll Call by suggesting the $5,000 amount was referring to PAC donations, but it is unclear whether any clarification was made to the invitation.

“Feeney has bragged that he is Tom Delay’s number one supporter,” said Curtis, referencing a fundraiser hosted by Mr. Feeney to raise money for Delay’s corruption trial. “Both Toms know well how to get the most from lobbyists as demonstrated by the fact that both Toms have taken Jack Abramoff-funded golf junkets to Scotland.” Additionally, Feeney received $5,000 from disgraced former Rep. “Duke” Cunningham’s PAC prior to his bribery conviction, accepted a 2003 trip to Asia paid for by registered foreign agents and another trip to West Palm Beach with his wife that he indicated was paid for by a lobbying firm which is also against U.S. House rules.

Curtis, a computer programmer and whistleblower in Titusville, FL, is running against Feeney to “return honesty and integrity to the 24th congressional office,” he says. “America has had enough of selling access to the highest bidder. The time has come to put an end to this unprecedented decade of GOP corruption. As with the rest of America, the residents of District 24 deserve better”.

Additional information on the Clint Curtis for Congress Campaign can be found at clintcurtis.com

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