ES&S meltdown in Indiana!

From Brad Friedman:

Indiana Sec. of State Announces Hearings, Subpeonas, Possible Fines against ES&S Voting Machine Company
Says Company Activity Could be in ‘Significant Violation of State Election Law’

NOTE TO MSM: Nothing to read here. Move on.

The E-Voting Train Wreck continues…

Today Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced his intention to bring an enforcement action against the Nebraska based voting system firm, Election Systems and Software. Secretary Rokita will personally conduct a public hearing to determine whether election law violations have occurred, and whether the company should be fined. County sequencing errors and paper ballot problems, noted by Rokita’s office this week, have combined to quickly escalate already disturbingly poor service at the county level into what could be a significant violation of state election law. “I have ordered our legal staff to immediately set hearing dates and subpoena company officials,” Rokita said.

NOTE TO NATIONAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Please pay no attention whatsoever to any of the above. It’s just a small local story. Nothing of interest. No pattern here. All is well. Please enjoy your Easter Holiday break! Thank you.


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