Election Reform TV!

A great show from Seattle, from Paul Lehto:

Here’s me on tv, with the republican secretary of state “[dis]information manager” and republican state rep on the panel as well. Also, Clint Curtis hack program demonstrated live by computer expert while these republicans are forced to watch! Holly Jacobson of VoterACtion does a great job, and Debbie Cook a disabled voting consultant also appearing.


On streaming video, there are also around 8 broadcast times in the Seattle area. The Republican state rep is good on freedom of information issues.

Paul Lehto

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  1. Mark,

    I just wanted to say hi. I just saw your presentation at UMASS (my alma mater) on CSPAN from 4/4. I’m late to work because you were believe it or not riviting (and frightening I might add. I will get your book, as I believe what you talk about is the number one issue facing us today.

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