Deans knows who done it

Howard Dean knows who done it

Quick background: On the day of the 2002 midterm elections in New Hampshire, the Democratic get-out-the-vote call center was inexplicably flooded with hangups. Their phones were jammed all day and their operation was stalled during the course of the voting. The Democratic incumbent Senator lost by an eyelash to the Republican.

Well, some people did some very good digging and found out that James Tobin, Bush’s New England campaign chairman was behind the whole phone-jamming operation. In addition to the calls he made to the Democratic headquarters, he also called the RNC offices 75 times to say hi in the months before Election Day.

But the clincher came last week. Turns out Tobin called the White House some two dozen times in three days surrounding the election.

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  1. Hello Dr. Miller,

    I am reading your book “Fooled Again” after seeing you on C-SPAN, and it is absolutely terrifying. I think an honest vote is the most important issue that progressives should be working on.

    Have you contacted a prominent progressive group like to recruit volunteers to watch the 2006 elections? I realize that they need regular people to get involved too, but someone with your expertise and ability to document previous election abuses would be of great use in setting up some kind of system to closely monitor the elections this time around.

    Such evidence (for example of plans to purge voter rolls or of voter intimidation), especially if publicized before the actual election, would help counter criticism that we are just crazy conspiracy theorists.

    How can organizations such as be used to that effect?

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