And some day he will do something about it!

Howard Dean on Diebold: “These machines are a problem”
by David Grossman
Fri Apr 21, 2006 at 10:37:28 PM PDT
The transcript of the breakfast I attended with Howard Dean is now online. The night before the breakfast, I asked folks on here what would be a good question(s) to ask, and the question I ended up asking Dean was from ronald III.

The question was about Diebold and voting fraud and I picked the question because after searching around, there didn’t seem to be almost anything on record from Dean or the DNC on the subject (and it’s an important subject).

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Here’s my question and Dean’s answer from the transcript (if you’ve got 15 to 20 minutes and are very interested in Howard Dean, it’s a good read):
David Grossman: Governor, one question by way of the blog Daily Kos. How concerned are you and others at the DNC about Diebold voting machines, and…
Dean: Very.
Grossman: …other issues of voting fraud?
Dean: Very concerned. I am actually calling Democratic public officials. I called one yesterday to try to head off the use of these machines. We spent half a million dollars after the election with a task force, headed by Donna Brazile but made up of academics that were relatively neutral and very careful, to look at these machines very carefully. We concluded that are easily hackable and cannot be verified and that they are not reliable. And we concluded the best machine you can use is an opti-scan machine because at least it has paper ballots and you still get the rapidity of the counting. There are Democratic officials who still use these because they get huge amounts of money from the federal government to buy these kinds of machines, well, not just … the other machines, the Sequoias and Diebolds and such. I’m not an expert on these machines, although someone did actually teach me how to hack one on live TV once, which was kind of fun. It’s pretty shocking — I know so little about the intricacies of all this stuff so … I wouldn’t pretend I … I did change the vote totals on the machines, but I don’t know if it was really — could have been a program that was elaborately programmed to fool me into thinking I was doing something I really wasn’t doing.

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  1. Come on, now, MAYBE some day he will do something about it! (maybe, if he can figure out who showed him how to hack the vote, who would happen to be Bev Harris)

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