the real Ken Blackwell and what he's up to

The following article was just posted to the website of The Free Press.

Why did J. Kenneth Blackwell seek, then hide, his association with super-rich extremists and e-voting magnates?
by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
March 10, 2006

The man who stole the 2004 election for George W. Bush — Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell — has posted a picture of himself addressing the white supremacist ultra-right Council for National Policy (CNP). He then pulled the picture and tried to hide his participation in the meeting by removing mention of it from his website,

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The removal may have been a request by the CNP, yet another covert extreme “think tank” and money laundering base for right wing political actions. I do not think Blackwell needs to hide the fact he spoke to this group, as he will not get many (any) Black,liberal or moderate non-Republican votes either way. And it surley won’t scare even a moderate Republican base, they look at efforts made by the opposition to expose something like this as political distortion and refuse to accept negative notions regarding their party’s affiliation. But it would be interesting to know exactly why it was removed…(do we really expect to get a straight answer?)

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