Pelosi starts to talk about it

Physician, heal thyself
It’s great to see a Democrat engage the issue, but her party must do more than talk about it now and then. The fact is that the Dems have not “led that effort.” In any case, there’s no need for the partisan approach. The high road could work wonders here.

What are democrats doing to prevent the election fraud we have had in the past?

Palm Harbor, Fl.

During the last the two Presidential elections, we know that there were not enough voting machines in poor and minority areas. This led to appallingly long wait times of up to 10 hours in certain places. There were credible reports of voter suppression on Election Day through intimidation and misinformation. And the patchwork use of provisional ballots led to unequal treatment under the law.

The American people must have every confidence that every vote legally cast will be legally and accurately counted. But malfunctioning electronic voting machines in some areas led to an additional loss of confidence by the public.

As elected officials, we have a solemn responsibility to improve our election systems and its administration. Democrats have led that effort-through proposals to provide the Election Assistance Commission with resources to further reform the election process, and to improve the Help America Vote Act, including universal standards for provisional ballots and audit trails.

This Republican Congress, however, has been delinquent. Republicans have underfunded the requirements of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) by $800 million from authorized levels that are needed for provisional ballots, voting machines, and registration lists. Democrats stand united to provide these resources.

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