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For background, see the Oakland Tribune story below.

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Hello to all of our family, friends and supporters. This is Michele, Stephen’s wife. This is a link to an article about Stephen’s situation in the Oakland Tribune. In case you have trouble with the link, the article is also reprinted below. This article will also soon be on the “Press” page of the Stephen Heller Legal Defense Fund website:

Please feel free to forward this email and/or the links to anyone and everyone.

Thanks again for all of your help and support. We are truly in your debt.

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E-vote case puts actor in limelight
Diebold software leak makes whistle-blower a folk hero to activists
By Ian Hoffman, STAFF WRITER
Inside Bay Area

One night early in 2004, a few weeks before the presidential primary, a Van Nuys actor making ends meet temping as a word processor listened on headphones as a young lawyer laid out a defense for Diebold Election Systems Inc.’s use of unapproved voting software in Alameda County.

Sitting at a computer terminal on the 45th floor of a Los Angeles skyscraper, Steve Heller transcribed the lawyer’s taped memo suggesting that Diebold could claim the software was a new, “experimental” voting system, even though it had handled two Alameda County elections in 2003.

Heller led a quiet life in the San Fernando Valley with his wife, dog and an occasional supporting role in film, TV or commercials, usually cast as someone’s neighbor or dad, which is what he looks like. He was an “experienced and competent” word processor but no “heavyweight” in the eyes of his night-shift supervisor, who doubted Heller knew his computer commands were recorded.

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