MCM in Florida, with Clint Curtis!

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Broward Election Reform Coalition BERC
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Sponsored by Broward Election Reform Coalition (BERC), the Paladins (World Can’t Wait) and the Palm Beach Coalition for Election Reform (PBCER).
Make Every Vote Count : Is Our Democracy, the idea of one person, one vote still on solid ground?
Regaining trust in our election system is not a partisan concern but a civic issue of profound importance to all Americans!

Come join our nonpartisan alliance and encourage your friends of all political parties to attend!
Mark Crispin Miller & Clint Curtis
Wednesday March 8, 2006 and Saturday March 11, 2006
Mark Crispin Miller March 8, 2006, 7:30- (when it is over)
Mark Crispin Miller & Clint Curtis March 11, 2006, 1-5 PM
Cafe of the Beach
1801 NE 13th Street,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Mark Crispin Miller author of Fooled Again, discusses his latest work. Fooled Again is a thorough and meticulously documented work–written not to rehash the 2004 election, but to inspire a national discussion of electoral reform, which is badly needed.
Clint Curtis, a computer programmer turned whistleblower, has firsthand knowledge of voter fraud. Clint became a congressional witness who testified that he was asked by a sitting Florida congressman to write a program that would alter the election results of South Florida’s Touch Screen Voting Machines (`fix the election’).
Mark Crispin Miller is scheduled to speak in Broward County for both dates. The Broward location can hold up to 500 attendees so all are welcome! Bring books to be autographed. There will also be some for sale.
Clint Curtis will join us on the afternoon of Saturday March 11, 2006. He is the Computer Programmer who became a whistleblower that came forward and testified to Congress under oath, regarding the request from a sitting congressman to build a computer program that could, without detection, flip your vote in an election. This manipulation would allow a person or political party to take control of voting machine and decide who wins the election, regardless of the true vote count. In March of 2005, he passed a polygraph test as to the accuracy of his statements,

Regaining trust in our election system is not a partisan concern but a civic issue of profound importance to all Americans.

Latest Voter Verified Paper Ballot Legislation in Florida by Sen. Rod Smith.

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Ellen H. Brodsky
Broward Election Reform Coaltion, Palm Beach Coalition for Election Reform, VoteTrustUSA, etc.

THE BROWARD ELECTION REFORM COALITION is a Nonpartisan Broward County think-tank, watchdog and action group with the primary goal of replacing th! e Current Paperless Voting Technology with Voter-verified Paper Ballots, handcounted at the precinct level, reconciled with machine counts and used as the official election result. We will make recommendations to the Supervisor of Elections and County Commissioners in Voting Technology, Election Policy and Practices.. We will keep our elected officials honest, accountable, transparent and working in the public interest The Broward Election Reform Coalition is for all the Broward County Voting Rights Activists to have a central group to join together, brainstorm and unite!
Paladins: Bringing Truth and Justice to the American People. Our motto is “Have Truth, Will Travel”.

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