Let's get Bob Fitrakis on the ballot in Ohio!

From Sheila Parks:

Please forward as widely as you can, so that everyone you know in Ohio and everyone who knows someone in Ohio will get this….

Dear Friends,

Bob Fitrakis is running as a Green for Governor of Ohio

He is for hand counted paper ballots (HCPB) and also for stopping the disenfranchisment of voters by all other means.

This is major, and makes it imperative that he get on the ballot.


You can really make a big difference.

He needs people to gather signatures for him to get on the ballot

Ohio requires independent candidates to get 5X the amount of signatures that the two parties are required. That means he needs 5000 validated signatures. The campaign, therefore, needs to gather 8,500 signatures.

If you are available for this crucial and time sensitive work, please contact my good friend Dorri Steinhoff, his campaign manager, at dorristeinhoff[at]columbus.rr.com or go to Bob’s site www.bobforohio.com



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