Keep the machines out of Westchester County!

This is your chance to let our Westchester Commissioners know what you think.

Please forward this notice to others.

Our Westchester Commissioners, like the other Election Commissioners all over the state, have been heavily lobbied by the vendors of electronic machines. They will choose the electronic voting machines unless they hear from us. This demonstration has not been widely publicized, so it is up to you to pass the word and get to the demo if you possibly can.

Be sure to fill out on the survey card that you want to vote on paper ballots.

Beware: if this demonstration is like the others around the state, it will be a big sales pitch for touchscreens, put on by vendors who want to sell their touchscreens voting machines. Expect to be surrounded by vendors enthusiastically demonstrating the huge touchscreen machines with all their bells and whistles, and having to look to find the modest scanners.

Questions to ask the vendors about electronic voting machines:
Where is the voter verified paper audit trail that is required by law?
Where does the paper go after I push the button to cast my vote?
What happens if the printer runs out of ink or breaks down?
Who is going to count the paper audit trail slips of paper?
What happens if the computer registers a different candidate than I voted for?
What happens if the computer loses votes, adds votes or crashes during an election? (If they say that never happens, ask for proof. We have thousands of examples of malfunctions during elections.)
Voting Machine Demonstration
Thursday Mar 30 1-7 PM
Westchester County Center Room B
10-12 AM Private viewing for officials
1-7 PM` Public forum
This is your chance to give our Board of Elections your input into the selection of voting machines. Four vendors that will be applying for state certification will demonstrate their new voting systems in an effort to gain feedback from the Westchester community. They will show the optical scanners used to count paper ballots as well as the touchscreen voting machines that they are heavily promoting.

For more information, contact
Deputy-Commissioner Jeannie L. Palazola 995-2384
“… touch-screen machines are highly vulnerable to being hacked or maliciously programmed to change votes. And they cost far more than voting machines should.” New York Times editorial, March 9, 2005

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